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A significant moment is approaching when multiple soccer players will publicly reveal their LGBTQ+ identities on a shared day ️‍.

A group of professional footballers is gearing up for a historic announcement next month, as they plan to collectively reveal their sexual orientation as gay on May 17th. This initiative, reported from Germany, aims to inspire a more inclusive environment within the sport, encouraging not just players but also coaches, referees, and officials to embrace their identities openly.

The project, spearheaded by Marcus Urban, who himself came out as gay during his career, has gained support from several top Bundesliga clubs including Borussia Dortmund, Union Berlin, St. Pauli, Freiburg, and Stuttgart. These clubs are backing the initiative financially, signaling a significant step forward in fostering diversity and acceptance within professional football.

Despite past milestones like Thomas Hitzlsperger’s public acknowledgment of his sexuality, there remains a noticeable absence of openly gay male players in German professional football. This planned collective coming out, named ‘Sports Free,’ aims to challenge the lingering stigma and taboos surrounding homosexuality in the sport.

The project will also feature a documentary titled ‘Hide and Seek,’ delving into the personal journeys of the players involved in this groundbreaking announcement. Urban emphasizes that there’s ongoing communication and debate among these players about whether to continue hiding their true selves or to embrace visibility and authenticity.

The announcement on May 17th is not just a statement; it’s a call for change and a step towards a more inclusive and diverse footballing community. This initiative reflects a growing awareness and willingness within the sport to confront long-standing norms and prejudices, paving the way for a more welcoming environment for everyone involved.

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