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Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke expresses regret and frustration at Mikel Arteta for selling goal machine who has outscored Bukayo Saka since leaving the club for £0M

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke recently shared his frustration during a press conference regarding the departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from the club. Kroenke expressed regret over the decision to sell Aubameyang, who has since excelled with 42 goals in 59 games after leaving Arsenal for £0M.


This impressive performance has led Kroenke to feel that they carelessly let go of a valuable asset, especially as Aubameyang now outperforms even their star player Bukayo Saka.


Kroenke’s disappointment was evident as he discussed Aubameyang’s remarkable goal-scoring record post-Arsenal. He praised Aubameyang’s achievements and acknowledged that letting him go was a mistake. Despite Saka’s stellar contributions to Arsenal, Aubameyang’s success elsewhere has highlighted the misstep in their decision-making.


Aubameyang’s departure was initially aimed at rejuvenating the squad and reducing wages, but it has backfired as he flourishes elsewhere. This situation has led to criticism of Mikel Arteta’s management and Arsenal’s transfer policies. Kroenke admitted that they miscalculated Aubameyang’s potential and should have found a way to retain him.


The fallout from Aubameyang’s departure serves as a cautionary tale for Arsenal, emphasizing the need for careful decision-making in managing top talents. The club’s management will face closer scrutiny moving forward, with fans and analysts watching to see how they address and learn from this costly error.

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