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“Being a prominent figure doesn’t exempt you…” – Mauricio Pochettino delivers a stern message to a player worth £52 million, urging them to “put in the work.”

Mauricio Pochettino delivered a stern message during his recent press conference, spurred by a significant victory but also frustrated by ongoing speculation regarding his future. Oscillating between jubilation and concern, he reserved his strongest remarks for certain players, which seemed to arise spontaneously during the press conference’s restricted segment.

In response to a seemingly innocuous query about Christopher Nkunku and Levi Colwill’s availability for the upcoming match, Pochettino redirected the conversation. He emphasized that players returning from injury should not anticipate an automatic return to the starting lineup unless they demonstrate the same dedication exhibited by the team in their recent successful game:

“It’s crucial for the players returning from injury to understand the heightened competition for positions. They must demonstrate a commitment to excel. Being a renowned player does not guarantee a starting spot or permission to play in a particular manner,” Pochettino cautioned.

“The primary focus should be on contributing to the team and delivering optimal performance. If a player fails to compete or operates at a subpar level, it’s preferable to have a less renowned player giving their all at maximum capacity.”

These remarks appeared targeted at Nkunku, especially considering Pochettino’s earlier criticism regarding the player’s effort earlier in the season:

“He must realize the necessity of pushing himself further and putting in double the effort to make a significant impact,” Pochettino admonished back in December.

This serves as a notable warning to a prominent player. It’s disappointing that the situation has evolved to this point, especially after Nkunku’s promising start during the summer when he showcased the creative prowess anticipated of him. However, subsequent frequent injuries and a decline in performance have led to his exclusion from the team even during periods of fitness in February. One hopes that this candid feedback acts as a catalyst for improvement.

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