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Bernardo Silva recently expressed his strong displeasure and frustration regarding what he termed an “unacceptable” decision by the Football Association (FA). In a passionate outburst, Silva criticized the FA’s ruling, describing it as deeply unfair and unjustifiable.

Bernardo Silva expressed strong dissatisfaction in his post-match interview following Manchester City’s 1-0 victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final. Silva, who scored the decisive goal, criticized the Football Association (FA) for what he deemed an “unacceptable” decision regarding the scheduling of their match.

The Portuguese midfielder, echoing sentiments shared by manager Pep Guardiola, questioned the fairness of playing just three days after City’s Champions League exit against Real Madrid. He argued that this short recovery period was unfair and put City at a disadvantage, especially considering Chelsea had more time to rest and prepare for the game.

Silva emphasized that his criticism stemmed from a sense of injustice rather than making excuses for the win. He highlighted the physical toll such scheduling takes on players’ health, noting that he and other teammates felt the strain during the match.

In addition to concerns about player well-being, Silva expressed doubt that the situation would improve, suggesting a lack of concern from those responsible for scheduling matches. He emphasized the need for greater attention to detail and consideration for player welfare, not just for Manchester City but for all clubs affected by such scheduling issues.

Overall, Silva’s remarks highlighted a broader concern within football regarding fixture congestion and its impact on player performance and health.

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