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BREAKING: Enzo Maresca’s Shocking Tactical Switch Spells DOOM for Cole Palmer!

Enzo Maresca’s New Chelsea Formation Could Impact Cole Palmer


The former Leicester City manager is set to introduce a fresh tactical approach at Chelsea as he prepares for the upcoming season. This shift raises questions about how players like Cole Palmer will adapt.


Chelsea will adopt a new formation under their new manager, marking a significant change for the London club.


Although the team had some successes under Pochettino, and several players thrived in their roles, the arrival of Enzo Maresca and his new system means that player positions are likely to change.


Maresca is expected to implement his traditional 4-3-3 formation at Chelsea. This change may force Cole Palmer to either join the front three or drop back into midfield alongside Enzo Fernandes and Caicedo, potentially limiting his freedom on the field.


Palmer has typically performed best when given the liberty to move freely, but it remains to be seen how he will adjust to the new system and how it will affect his performance.


Chelsea is also active in the transfer market, seeking competition for Nicolas Jackson, who has struggled to meet expectations. However, the current manager believes he can help Jackson improve and become a valuable asset to the team.

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