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BREAKING: Erik ten Hag’s Shocking Decision About Casemiro’s Future at Manchester United!

Casemiro Still Valuable for Manchester United, Says Gilberto Silva


In an interview for Bet365’s Copa America 2024 coverage, Brazilian football legend Gilberto Silva expressed his strong belief that Casemiro remains a valuable asset for Manchester United, despite a challenging season and his omission from Brazil’s squad.


Silva emphasized the importance of evaluating Manchester United as a whole rather than focusing solely on individual players like Casemiro. He pointed out that the team struggled throughout the season, which affected everyone’s performance. Injuries also played a significant role, causing disruptions that were difficult for both the manager and the squad. Silva was particularly surprised by the harsh criticism Casemiro received from pundits and commentators, especially considering he was highly praised the previous season.


He urged critics to take a broader view, considering the team’s overall performance and the various factors that influenced it. Silva maintained that Casemiro is still a talented player and expressed uncertainty about his future at Manchester United. However, he affirmed that Casemiro still possesses the skills and ability to continue playing in the Premier League, whether at United or another club. Silva concluded by expressing his hope that Casemiro finds a club that aligns with his expectations.

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