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Chelsea has identified four wingers they are keen on acquiring, but each potential deal faces significant challenges.

Exclusive reveals the names of four wingers Chelsea has set their sights on, although significant hurdles stand in the way for each player.

Despite Chelsea’s plethora of wingers and attacking midfielders, ensuring they field two or three in every match remains a challenge due to the team’s persistent injury woes. However, the existing players haven’t quite cemented their positions as long-term solutions, except for Cole Palmer.

Players like Mykhailo Mudryk, Noni Madueke, and Raheem Sterling have shown flashes of brilliance, yet Chelsea’s fans crave more consistent and menacing performances from these positions. The dilemma lies in the difficulty of orchestrating such changes without offloading current squad members.

Simon Phillips’ recent Substack piece delves into Chelsea’s pursuit, highlighting four potential targets the club is eyeing should an opportunity arise.

First on the list is Michael Olise, whom Chelsea missed out on last summer but remains a viable option, reportedly advocated for by Joe Shields.

Pedro Neto from Wolves is another talent under consideration. However, with a substantial valuation of £50 million and a lengthy contract, securing his services would come at a steep price.

Jarrod Bowen emerges as a potential target as well, although his extended contract with West Ham suggests they’ll vehemently resist any advances from a competitor.

Lastly, Nico Williams of Athletic Bilbao presents an intriguing non-Premier League option, albeit his release clause and probable interest from higher-ranked clubs might dissuade him from considering Chelsea.

In essence, while promising targets exist, financial constraints, squad depth, and the players’ preferences could thwart Chelsea’s ambitions this summer. It’s a reality that some fans may need to come to terms with.

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