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During our match against Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge, I felt that numerous calls didn’t go in our favor. None of the critical decisions seemed to benefit us.

Following the recent match against Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea’s coach, Mauricio Pochettino, highlighted several factors that contributed to their loss and expressed a desire for fair treatment.

Speaking after the game, Pochettino mentioned that the team faced challenges with both their defensive performance and a contentious VAR decision, which ultimately impacted the outcome against Aston Villa.

In his post-match interview with TNT Sports, Pochettino acknowledged the team’s solid display but also pointed out a lack of resilience during the initial stages of the game.

Despite the disappointment of not securing a win, Pochettino commended the players for their efforts, particularly against a formidable opponent like Aston Villa, who are competing for a top-four position.

Reflecting on the match, Pochettino commented that it unfolded according to expectations and stressed the importance of capitalizing on opportunities, especially when facing tough adversaries.

Looking forward, Pochettino encouraged the team to focus on the upcoming challenges and anticipated that the disallowed goal incident would attract media attention and discussions.

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