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KEANE UNLOADS ON MBAPPE: ‘Unbelievable’ Behavior from France Star After Suffering Gruesome Injury

Roy Keane Criticizes Kylian Mbappe for ‘Inappropriate’ Reaction After Severe Injury


Roy Keane, a former Manchester United star, sharply criticized Kylian Mbappe for his decision to return to the field after sustaining an injury during France’s Euro 2024 match against Austria.


Mbappe, after assisting his team in taking the lead, suffered a nose injury following an unfortunate collision with Austria’s Kevin Danso. Despite France’s intention to substitute him, Mbappe re-entered the field at the behest of manager Didier Deschamps without the referee’s authorization.


Mbappe’s actions led to him being booked while he was still on the ground clutching his nose. Keane, the ex-United captain, expressed his disapproval of Mbappe’s choice to rejoin the game under such circumstances.


“This is out of order, whether he’s been instructed by the manager to go back on. He’s had treatment he’s come off… to go back on and sit on the pitch, he deserved to get a yellow card and I don’t like to see it.” Keane’s old teammate Gary Neville was also on punditry duty and added that Mbappe would “disappointed” by his decision to return to the pitch.

He said: “To be fair he’ll look back and I think he’ll be disappointed because he looks at Deschamps and Deschamps has gone get on and I think he’ll feel like he’s let himself down.” In the wake France’s win, Deschamps was on hand to provide an immediate injury update on Mbappe.


“Yes, Kylian Mbappe has probably broken his nose,” the France boss was quoted as telling French television network TF1, via Fabrizio Romano.


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