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Kendry Paez is full of belief that his presence at Chelsea will leave a significant mark.

Kendry Paez is filled with confidence as he looks ahead to his arrival at Chelsea in 2025. The 17-year-old is convinced that he can immediately make a significant impact once he steps foot at Stamford Bridge.

Last summer, Chelsea secured a deal with Independiente del Valle to acquire Paez for approximately £17m. However, due to age restrictions, he cannot join his new teammates until he turns 18 in 2025. Despite the wait, there is much anticipation surrounding this young talent, who is already a full Ecuador international. Nonetheless, there is a need to temper expectations as he transitions to the Premier League.

Paez exudes a calm demeanor regarding his impending move to Chelsea, showing no signs of being daunted by the challenge. His recent remarkable goal in Independiente del Valle’s 1-0 victory against Deportivo Cuenca highlights his capabilities. Being a regular player for his club and representing his country at such a young age underscores his immense talent.

While there is time before Paez officially joins Chelsea, he has already begun preparations for his transition. He has familiarized himself with the club’s environment by visiting Cobham on several occasions.

In his own words, Paez expressed his ambitions, stating, “I aim to start games, score goals, play a pivotal role, and provide assists.” He believes that consistent training, participating in league matches, and experiencing Libertadores games will prepare him adequately for his journey to Chelsea.

Paez might not be the only young South American talent heading to Chelsea, as reports suggest talks are underway to sign 17-year-old Estevao Willian from Palmieras.

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