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Kyle Walker filed a formal complaint against Nottingham Forest after noticing a pre-match problem.

Kyle Walker officially raised concerns about Nottingham Forest’s preparations before their match, a move that Pep Guardiola echoed afterward. This development came to light after City’s 2-0 victory over Forest, where goals from Josko Gvardiol and Erling Haaland kept City firmly in the Premier League title race.

Despite the win, City faced challenges during the game, with Forest taking more shots in both halves and missing clear opportunities. Chris Wood notably squandered a chance, and Ederson had to make crucial saves.

Before kickoff, there were complaints about the pitch’s condition, particularly its dryness. Guardiola mentioned that this condition, although initially a concern, may have favored City during the match.

According to reports from Jack Gaughan of the Daily Mail, Walker lodged an official complaint with match officials regarding the pitch’s state, specifically citing its dryness. However, after inspection, the pitch was deemed acceptable, absolving Forest of any fault.

Aside from the pitch issue, Forest had faced penalties from the Premier League for breaching Profit and Sustainability rules, resulting in a deduction of four points. This briefly pushed them into the relegation zone, but they managed to avoid it following a crucial win against Fulham.

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