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Manchester City’s owner has pinpointed a possible replacement for Pep Guardiola in case the manager decides to leave the club this coming summer.

The owner of Manchester City has identified a potential successor for Pep Guardiola if he leaves the club this summer.

Roberto De Zerbi recently disagreed with a statement by Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s manager. This disagreement emerged during De Zerbi’s final press conference before Manchester City’s Premier League match against Brighton & Hove Albion at the AMEX Stadium.

Guardiola mentioned that his players were tired after their FA Cup match, which came right after a challenging 120-minute game with Real Madrid just three days earlier. De Zerbi, however, questioned Guardiola’s assessment, doubting whether the players were genuinely fatigued. He pointed out that City had already played against Chelsea on Saturday and were set to play again on Thursday, highlighting their routine of frequent matches.

Even though City is used to a busy schedule, the strain of a prolonged match followed by a quick turnaround for a crucial semi-final at Wembley likely affected the players. Guardiola’s concerns about their readiness to face Chelsea, especially given the limited size of City’s squad, are understandable given the circumstances.

While De Zerbi’s argument about City’s regular workload is valid, it’s important to acknowledge the toll that consecutive demanding matches can take on players. The physical and mental demands of top-level football, coupled with a relentless schedule, can significantly impact performance and recovery.

The question of whether City’s players have fully recovered and are ready to compete for another Premier League title in Thursday’s fixture remains unanswered. The match’s result will reveal the true level of their physical and mental preparedness, highlighting the challenges faced by top football clubs amid rigorous schedules and high-stakes competitions.

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