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Manchester United’s Bid for Joao Neves Rejected by Benfica

In a dramatic turn of events, Manchester United’s £51 million bid for Benfica’s rising star, Joao Neves, has been turned down. The 19-year-old Portuguese midfielder, who has been making waves in the Primeira Liga, is valued much higher by his current club.


The Young Prodigy: Joao Neves


Joao Neves has quickly become one of the most talked-about talents in European football. His performances for Benfica have not only caught the eye of top clubs but have also earned him a reputation as one of Portugal’s brightest young prospects. Known for his agility, vision, and maturity on the ball, Neves has already shown signs of a future superstar.


Manchester United’s Ambitious Move


Manchester United’s interest in Neves is no surprise. The Red Devils are in a rebuilding phase under their new management and are on the lookout for young, talented players who can fit into their long-term vision. Neves, with his impressive skill set and potential, seemed like the perfect addition to their squad.


The £51 million offer was substantial, indicating how highly United rate the young midfielder. However, Benfica’s swift rejection of the bid underscores the club’s valuation of Neves and their intent to either retain his services or secure a much higher fee.


Benfica’s Stance: £85 Million or No Deal


Benfica has made their position clear: they are holding out for at least £85 million. This valuation reflects not only Neves’ current abilities but also his potential future value. The club has a history of nurturing young talents and selling them for hefty profits, and they see Neves as another prime asset.


For Benfica, Neves is not just a player; he represents a significant part of their sporting project. They are well aware of the financial power of clubs like Manchester United and are positioning themselves to get the maximum return on their investment.


What’s Next for Manchester United?


The rejection leaves Manchester United at a crossroads. They must decide whether to increase their offer to meet Benfica’s demands or look elsewhere for midfield reinforcements. This situation highlights the complexities and high stakes involved in modern football transfers, especially when dealing with emerging talents.


For United fans, the potential signing of Neves would have been a statement of intent. It would have signaled the club’s commitment to investing in young talent and building a team capable of competing at the highest level. However, with Benfica standing firm, it remains to be seen how United will navigate this challenge.




The transfer saga surrounding Joao Neves is far from over. Benfica’s rejection of Manchester United’s £51 million bid sets the stage for further negotiations, intrigue, and speculation. As the summer transfer window progresses, all eyes will be on Old Trafford to see if they can secure the young Portuguese star or if they will have to shift their focus to other targets.


For now, Joao Neves remains a Benfica player, and Manchester United must decide their next move in this high-stakes game of football chess.

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