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Mauricio Pochettino says ‘it’s not the end of the world’ if he leaves Chelsea this summer, hinting at potential new opportunities and future prospects.

Mauricio Pochettino has acknowledged the possibility of leaving Chelsea this summer but maintains that it wouldn’t be catastrophic. He clarified that the decision isn’t solely up to the club’s hierarchy; his own thoughts and considerations will play a role in shaping his future beyond this season. While he doesn’t express dissatisfaction with his current situation at Chelsea, Pochettino stressed the importance of open discussions with the club’s top management as the season nears its conclusion.

Since his arrival last July, Pochettino has overseen a rollercoaster ride for Chelsea, with recent wins against Tottenham and West Ham keeping their European ambitions alive. Looking ahead to Chelsea’s upcoming match against Nottingham Forest, Pochettino highlighted the need for mutual satisfaction, stating, “It’s not just about the owners being happy; they also need to consider our perspectives because we might not be content and decide to part ways.”

Acknowledging the fluid nature of football management, Pochettino hinted at the possibility of leaving, saying, “Tomorrow I might announce my departure. It’s a two-way street; the decision-making process involves both parties, not just Chelsea’s satisfaction or the approval of the owner and sporting director.”

Chelsea’s chairman, Todd Boehly, recently praised the team’s progress, especially after Chelsea climbed to seventh place, surpassing Manchester United. Speaking at a Sportico conference in Los Angeles, Boehly highlighted Chelsea’s recent performances, describing them as “beautiful football” and emphasizing the team’s organization and fluidity.

Pochettino welcomed Boehly’s public support, noting that it benefits everyone associated with the club. “Todd’s comments reflect the reality, and he has always been supportive, even during challenging times. Going public with support is positive for the club, fans, players, and owners alike.”

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