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Nottingham Forest has etched their name in football history by becoming only the second team ever to achieve a remarkable feat against the renowned manager Pep Guardiola.

Nottingham Forest has achieved an extraordinary feat, becoming only the second team in football history to accomplish such a remarkable statistic against Pep Guardiola. This achievement has been hailed as one of the most astonishing in football history.

Despite facing consecutive defeats against Manchester City in the Premier League this season, Nottingham Forest managed to accomplish something truly remarkable. Even though they currently find themselves in a precarious 17th position in the league, just one point above the relegation zone, they put up a commendable fight in their recent clash at the City Ground.

Although Josko Gvardiol scored for Manchester City with a header, and Erling Haaland sealed the match with a well-placed shot past Matz Sels, Nottingham Forest created numerous opportunities throughout the game. Surprisingly, they recorded more shots (14) than their opponents (11), despite having possession of the ball for only 33% of the match.

Nottingham Forest has struggled throughout the 2023/24 season, managing just seven wins out of 35 games. However, their performances against Manchester City were noteworthy. For instance, they recorded more shots in both their Premier League encounters with City this season, registering 10 shots at the Etihad compared to City’s seven.

This achievement is particularly significant because Nottingham Forest is now only the second team in history to outshoot a Pep Guardiola-managed side both at home and away during a single season. The only other team to achieve this was Real Madrid during the 2009/10 campaign.

Social media was abuzz with astonishment after this statistic came to light. Fans expressed their disbelief, with some calling it one of the most insane stats they’ve ever seen. Others pointed out the unpredictability of football, especially when such unexpected feats occur.

Pep Guardiola himself acknowledged Nottingham Forest’s performance, describing the game as “dangerous” and emphasizing the importance of consistent results throughout the season. He praised their quality performance and noted that such competitive matches are expected in a long football season.

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