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Senior players at Manchester City have reportedly established a stringent new car rule that all team members must adhere to.

Manchester City’s veteran players have established a new stringent regulation regarding parking, one that applies to all members of the first-team squad. This decision comes as the team strives for an unprecedented fourth consecutive Premier League title this season, a remarkable achievement that would further solidify their status as a powerhouse in English football.

Under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, Manchester City has witnessed a period of immense success at the Etihad Stadium, characterized by rigorous standards and a pursuit of footballing excellence. The Daily Mail reports that a leadership group comprising five senior players within the squad has devised this new rule as a means to instill discipline and humility, especially among younger and less experienced players.

The driving forces behind this rule change are said to be Kyle Walker, Kevin De Bruyne, Ruben Dias, Rodri, and Bernardo Silva. The focus is on creating a more structured system within the team’s training ground parking lot, where each player now has a designated numbered bay. The proximity of these bays to the entrance reflects the player’s status and longevity at the club, with longer-serving members enjoying closer spots.

This approach, although novel for Manchester City, echoes similar strategies employed by other Premier League clubs. Liverpool, for instance, includes clauses in contracts for young players, restricting them from driving vehicles with engines exceeding 1.3 liters to foster a grounded mindset early in their careers. Similarly, at Manchester United, reports suggest that young player Kobbie Mainoo intentionally uses the main car park at Carrington rather than the first-team one, perhaps to stay grounded amidst his growing success.

While the rationale behind this new car parking rule at Manchester City may not be immediately apparent, it aligns with the broader ethos of maintaining discipline, respect, and a sense of perspective within the squad, essential elements for sustained success at the highest level of football.

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