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The compilation of each nation’s most sought-after international football team provides an intriguing insight.

Analyzing Global Football Fanbases Through Google Search Trends

Soccer stands out as the world’s most popular sport, captivating billions of fans globally every week. Amidst this fervor, which team reigns supreme in terms of popularity?

The English Premier League stands as a titan in the football realm, often touted as the pinnacle of domestic competition. Yet, clubs across Europe boast fanbases rivalling those of Premier League giants such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter/AC Milan, and Bayern Munich, each vying for the title of the world’s biggest and best team.

Leveraging Google’s extensive data, has unveiled a captivating map showcasing the most searched foreign football team in every reachable country, providing insights into global football affinities.

Breaking down the map continentally reveals a consistent pattern at the top. Not surprisingly, Real Madrid dominates, claiming the peak position in every continent—a testament to their global appeal.

However, the runner-up spot unveils a twist, much to the chagrin of Manchester United enthusiasts, as Liverpool secures second place on a global scale, reigning in 34 countries.

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Manchester United, despite falling short of Liverpool, still holds a respectable position, leading in searches across 27 countries, edging out local rivals Manchester City, who claim the top spot in 20 countries.

While Real Madrid’s supremacy remains unshaken, the influence of Premier League clubs is evident, with four of the top five teams hailing from England. The breakdown of the map, based on 2022 data from, unveils the following rankings:

  • – Real Madrid: 75 countries
  • – Liverpool FC: 34 countries
  • – Manchester United: 27 countries
  • – Manchester City: 20 countries
  • – Arsenal FC: 13 countries
  • – FC Barcelona: 8 countries
  • – Juventus: 3 countries
  • – Chelsea FC: 2 countries
  • – FC Porto: 2 countries
  • – Bayern München: 1 country
  • – Rangers FC: 1 country
  • – AC Milan: 1 country
  • – SL Benfica: 1 country

This map not only highlights the global outreach of football but also the diverse and fervent fanbases that rally behind their favorite teams across borders.

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