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You Won’t Believe Which Star Just Snatched Cristiano Ronaldo’s Unbreakable Record! Find Out Why He Might Never Reclaim It!

Cristiano Ronaldo Loses a Record He May Never Regain


Cristiano Ronaldo is likely frustrated by the loss of one of his many records, a record he is unlikely to reclaim.


Throughout his illustrious career, Ronaldo has accumulated numerous individual and team accolades. One of these was being the top scorer in the knockout stages of a European competition, netting 10 goals during the 2016/17 season. He shared this record with Karim Benzema, who matched his tally in 2022, and Radamel Falcao, who did so in 2011 with Porto.


However, this record has now been surpassed. On Wednesday night, Olympiacos’ Ayoub El Kaabi scored a decisive 116th-minute winner in the Conference League final against Fiorentina in Athens, marking a historic victory for the first Greek team to win a major European trophy.


El Kaabi’s 11th goal of the competition now makes him the sole leader for most goals in a single European campaign.


Ronaldo Unlikely to Reclaim Record


The news of losing this record is sure to irritate Ronaldo, known for his competitive nature. Nevertheless, even he might have to accept this setback, especially since he has indicated that a return to European football is improbable as he continues his career in Saudi Arabia.


Upon his arrival in Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo remarked: “I’m 100% sure I won’t return to any European club. I’m 38 years old. European football has lost a lot of quality. The only valid one and still doing good is the (English) Premier League. They’re way ahead of all the other leagues.”


Despite this, Ronaldo continues to set new records, having recently become the top goalscorer in a single Saudi Pro League season with his 34th and 35th goals against Al Ittihad.


Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough to secure the league title, which was claimed by Al Hilal.


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