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A former Manchester City footballer was taken into custody while on the team bus after reportedly not meeting his child support obligations.

Former Manchester City striker Jo Alves faced a recent arrest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, over alleged failure to meet child support obligations. Reports indicate that his ex-girlfriend hinted at this development through a cryptic Instagram post.

Jo, who once held the record for Man City’s most expensive signing at £19m from CSKA Moscow in 2008, had a turbulent career marked by loan stints at Everton and Galatasaray. His return to Brazil saw him play for Internacional before joining Serie B side Amazonas.

The incident unfolded as Jo arrived in Campinas, Sao Paulo, with his team for a match against Ponte Preta. Brazilian media, including The Sun, reported his arrest by local authorities. He was detained and held overnight, with his lawyer Artur Eugenio Matias clarifying that the arrest stemmed from a relatively minor debt in Bahia state, which was reportedly promptly settled.

The situation gained public attention when Jo’s former partner, Maiara Quiderolly, hinted at the arrest’s connection to their young child, sharing Instagram stories about missed child support payments by the footballer. She later posted a message on social media, seemingly alluding to the events with the phrase, “One day for the hunt, another for the hunter.”

The sequence of events has brought to light personal and legal challenges for Jo, contrasting with his professional football career.

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