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A former Premier League coach has criticized Kobbie Mainoo, stating that the rising talent from Manchester United has been influenced by the playing style of Casemiro.

Former Premier League manager Tim Sherwood has criticized Kobbie Mainoo, a rising star at Manchester United, for his lack of commitment on the field. Sherwood didn’t hold back, comparing Mainoo’s attitude to that of Casemiro, a Brazilian player often criticized for his laziness.

The recent 1-1 draw against Burnley saw Sherwood pointing out the midfield’s apparent lack of effort, especially singling out Mainoo and Christian Eriksen for not putting in the required work rate.

Sherwood emphasized that during possession, United’s midfield seemed reliant on individual moments rather than cohesive team play. He highlighted the team’s vulnerabilities when defending counter-attacks, attributing it partly to the midfield’s sluggishness.

Sherwood’s concern extended to the coaching staff’s role in not addressing these issues, urging Mainoo’s agent or youth team coaches to intervene and reignite the player’s initial enthusiasm for the game.

In Sherwood’s view, Manchester United’s overall culture may be fostering this lack of effort, and he urged young players like Mainoo not to succumb to complacency but to maintain the drive and work ethic they initially brought to the team.

This critique isn’t isolated; other players like Casemiro and Marcus Rashford have faced similar accusations, reflecting broader concerns about Manchester United’s performance standards this season.

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