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Fans quickly noticed a clever tactic employed by Ben White just before Arsenal scored their first and third goals against Tottenham.

Fans were quick to notice Ben White’s clever move just before Arsenal scored their first and third goals against Tottenham. White, though indirectly, played a part in two crucial Arsenal goals.

The North London derby saw Arsenal leading 3-0 at halftime, largely due to their corner-kick strategy. Bukayo Saka’s corner resulted in an own goal by Spurs’ Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, setting the tone early on. Shortly before halftime, Kai Havertz scored from close range, further extending Arsenal’s lead.

During these pivotal moments, fans observed White’s strategic actions that might have given Arsenal an edge. For the first goal, White briefly touched Guglielmo Vicario’s gloves, causing the goalkeeper to momentarily divert his attention. Similarly, White’s positioning near Vicario during the third goal raised eyebrows, hinting at his potential influence on both corner kicks.

At halftime, Roy Keane remarked on Sky Sports about Spurs’ vulnerabilities, particularly regarding set pieces and defensive lapses. He criticized Spurs’ lack of courage and defensive solidity, emphasizing the importance of a goalkeeper’s performance in critical moments like set pieces.

Arsenal’s victory in this derby would solidify their position at the top of the Premier League, extending their lead to four points over Manchester City, albeit with City having two games in hand. The title race remains tight, with upcoming fixtures adding to the excitement of the season.

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