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Mauricio Pochettino Offers Clues About Chelsea’s Summer Transfer Plans

Mauricio Pochettino Hints at Number of Summer Signings for Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino has given a hint about the number of new players he might want to bring to Chelsea this summer. On Sunday, the Blues wrapped up their Premier League season with a 2-1 victory over Bournemouth.

Goals from Moises Caicedo and Raheem Sterling secured the win, with Chelsea finishing sixth in the Premier League, ahead of Newcastle and Manchester United.

Chelsea will participate in European competitions next season, though whether it will be the Europa League or the Europa Conference League depends on the FA Cup final result. If Manchester City wins, Chelsea will compete in the Europa League. However, if Manchester United wins, they will take Chelsea’s spot, relegating the Blues to the Europa Conference League.

After the Bournemouth match, Pochettino was questioned about potential squad changes over the summer. He suggested that he plans to keep “80-85%” of the current squad intact.

“There’s always room for improvement,” Pochettino said on Sunday. “Next season, the team will be better because they’ll have gained valuable experience. The key is to maintain stability and not make too many changes.”

He emphasized that retaining most of the current squad would be beneficial. “Keeping 80-85% of the squad next season is a significant step forward. Continuity in ideas and familiarity among the players is crucial for the club,” Pochettino explained.

When asked about the likelihood of more transfers, Pochettino remained non-committal. “That is a decision for the club,” he said. “We will support whatever decision is made and continue to do our job.”

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