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Bruno Fernandes’ impressive streak at Manchester United has been halted as he is sidelined for the match against Crystal Palace.

Bruno Fernandes’ extraordinary streak at Manchester United has come to a halt as he’s sidelined for their match against Crystal Palace.

Manchester United is set to resume their Premier League campaign against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, but they’ll be without the influential Fernandes. This marks the first time in his tenure with the club that he’s missing a game due to injury.

Since joining United from Sporting CP in January 2020, Fernandes has been a consistent presence on the field, amassing an impressive 230 appearances across various competitions. However, his streak of continuous play has been interrupted, with him having previously missed only four league games due to illness or suspension.

In this crucial match against Palace, Mason Mount steps in to fill Fernandes’ shoes, while Casemiro takes on the role of captain.

Reflecting on his future amidst talks of squad changes, Fernandes remarked, “I’m currently focused on the FA Cup and Euro 2024 with Portugal. The future is uncertain, and it’s not just up to me. Both parties need to want the player to stay. Right now, I feel that desire from both sides.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced this season, both individually and collectively, Fernandes remains committed to the present, prioritizing upcoming competitions like the FA Cup and Euro 2024. Any decisions regarding his Premier League future will only be considered after these significant events.

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