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Bruno Fernandes Sent Manchester United Transfer Warning Amid Speculation of Potential Sale

Bruno Fernandes has hinted that he might seek greener pastures away from Manchester United amidst a challenging season at Old Trafford. The midfielder’s recent comments about evaluating his future post the European Championships have sparked rumors of a potential departure.

However, Michael Owen believes that Manchester United has more pressing issues than worrying about Fernandes’ future. He emphasized that the club needs to focus on resolving internal matters before concerning themselves with player transfers. Owen pointed out the importance of finding the right manager, building a cohesive team, and establishing a strong support structure within the club.

While acknowledging Fernandes’ talent and acknowledging that he would be a coveted player for many clubs, Owen stressed that United’s priority should be fixing their off-pitch issues. He highlighted the ineffectiveness of solely relying on big-money signings without addressing underlying organizational problems.

Owen expressed skepticism about Fernandes openly discussing a potential exit, considering his role as the club’s captain. However, he acknowledged that if Fernandes decides to leave, it would be significant but not the primary concern for United at the moment.

Despite United’s struggles, Fernandes has delivered impressive performances this season, contributing with goals and assists. Although he missed a recent match due to injury, he is expected to return for the upcoming game against Arsenal.

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