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Kevin De Bruyne has shared his insights on where he envisions Phil Foden playing within Manchester City’s lineup.

Kevin De Bruyne has unveiled his vision for Phil Foden’s future role at Manchester City after the young player’s exceptional performance against Brighton, where he scored two goals in a thrilling victory.

Manchester City dominated Brighton with a 4-0 win, narrowing the gap behind league leaders Arsenal by just one point. De Bruyne himself initiated the scoring with a remarkable header, paving the way for Foden to secure a brace before halftime. Foden’s goals were a result of his sharpness, seizing opportunities created by a controversial free-kick and capitalizing on a defensive error from Brighton.

Following the game, De Bruyne expressed his belief that Foden will transition into a central position within the team. He noted Foden’s gradual adaptation to Pep Guardiola’s tactical style, emphasizing the trust placed in the young star. De Bruyne highlighted Foden’s consistent performance over several years, contributing significantly to the team’s successes.

Foden echoed this sentiment, expressing his preference for a central role and acknowledging the benefits of playing alongside top talents like De Bruyne. He emphasized his enjoyment of the freedom and creativity that comes with operating in the midfield, citing his ability to both score and create opportunities as a central player.

This strategic shift suggests that Manchester City sees Foden as a long-term asset, potentially stepping into De Bruyne’s role as he approaches his 30s. With Foden’s impressive goal-scoring record and versatility, he appears poised to take on a more central and influential role within the team’s structure in the seasons to come.

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