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David Moyes Drops Mic with Brutal One-Word Response to Arsenal & Declan Rice Question! You Won’t Believe His Answer!

David Moyes emphasizes that West Ham’s upcoming match against Manchester City is not about assisting former player Declan Rice, despite Arsenal’s hope for a favor in the Premier League title race’s final stretch.


Moyes, who recently celebrated West Ham’s success in the UEFA Europa Conference League, clarified that their focus against City isn’t driven by aiding Rice, now with Arsenal. The midfielder’s pivotal role in Arsenal’s title contention contrasts with his contributions during West Ham’s previous achievements under Moyes.


In response to queries about assisting Rice, Moyes firmly stated, “No,” underlining the team’s commitment to their own performance rather than external motivations. He emphasized, “Everyone here respects Declan’s contributions, but our focus is on our performance and doing our best.”


Despite securing a solid league position already, Moyes stressed their determination against City, highlighting the unpredictable nature of football and the significance of seizing opportunities. Acknowledging the pressure faced by both teams in this critical match, Moyes emphasized the challenge of facing a City side vying for the championship.


Moyes highlighted the importance of concentrating on their own game, stating, “Our aim is to win for West Ham, not to influence the title race for other clubs. Our position in the league is strong, and we’re focused on finishing on a high note.”


For Arsenal to contend for the title, they must win while hoping for a positive result from West Ham against City. This scenario adds intrigue to Arsenal’s match against Everton, with fans potentially keeping tabs on developments at the Etihad Stadium.

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