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Described as ‘not a footballer’ and being urged to stay off the pitch until the season concludes, a player who performs at the level of a second-division player has been singled out by Todd Boehly. Pochettino has been directed by Boehly to refrain from starting this underperforming Chelsea player again.

Todd Boehly has made it clear to Pochettino that Mykhailo Mudryk shouldn’t be seen on the field again until the season wraps up, labeling him as not meeting the standard of a footballer and playing akin to a 2nd Division player.

The Chelsea forward, Mykhailo Mudryk, came under intense scrutiny from fans after his team’s recent 2-2 draw with Aston Villa on April 27. Despite Chelsea’s commendable comeback from being two goals down, Mudryk’s performance, along with others, received criticism.

Following a heavy 5-0 loss to Arsenal on April 23, Pochettino’s youthful squad faced another tough challenge against Aston Villa with key players missing. Despite Mudryk’s underwhelming display in the previous match, he was chosen again, only to contribute minimally to the team’s efforts.

Given Chelsea’s limited options upfront, Mudryk stayed on the pitch for a significant 89 minutes, with few alternatives available from the bench. Despite a modest effort in some aspects of his play, the dissatisfaction among fans was evident, with social media platforms echoing disappointment and calling for changes.

The reactions towards Mudryk underline the intense scrutiny professional athletes endure, especially in crucial matches like these.

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