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Erling Haaland Responds Sternly to Roy Keane’s ‘League Two Player’ Remark

Erling Haaland, the star forward for Manchester City, didn’t mince words in response to Roy Keane’s recent criticism. Following Haaland’s stellar performance, netting four goals in their dominant 5-1 victory over Wolves, he was prompted to address Keane’s earlier comments.

Back in March, after a lackluster display against Arsenal, Keane likened Haaland’s style of play to that of a “League Two player.” This critique focused on what Keane perceived as deficiencies in Haaland’s overall gameplay, despite acknowledging his prowess in front of goal.

In his post-match analysis on Sky Sports, Keane reiterated his stance on Haaland’s performance, stressing the need for improvement in areas beyond goal-scoring. City manager Pep Guardiola swiftly defended Haaland, lauding him as the best striker globally and highlighting his instrumental role in City’s recent successes.

Haaland, however, remained unfazed by Keane’s remarks. When asked by Viaplay if Keane’s criticism had motivated him, he bluntly replied, “I really don’t care about that man, so that’s all right.”

Keane later reiterated his perspective on Haaland’s gameplay during an appearance on the Stick To Football podcast. While acknowledging Haaland’s goal-scoring prowess, Keane maintained that his overall play often fell short, likening it to that of a lower-league player. He expressed confidence in Haaland’s potential for improvement but stood by his assessment of the young striker’s current abilities.

Ultimately, Haaland’s response underscores his focus on his performance rather than external critiques, signaling a determination to let his on-field achievements speak for themselves.

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