UEFA Champions League

Fans are beginning to realize that they will see Champions League football on new broadcasters in the upcoming season.

Fans are just starting to realize that Champions League football will be broadcasted by new networks next season, marking a shift from the exclusive coverage provided by TNT Sports since 2015. The upcoming TV rights deal will see changes in where and how matches are aired, breaking away from the previous monopoly held by a single broadcaster.

Originally, ITV held the rights starting in 1992 until 2015, showcasing matches on its primary platform and later on ITV Digital. Sky Sports also had a stint from 2003 to 2015, before BT Sport took over with exclusive rights to live fixtures and highlights in 2018, rebranded later as TNT Sports.

However, starting from the 2024/25 season, the landscape will diversify as two additional broadcasters enter the fray. Amazon Prime Video will feature 17 first-pick matches on Tuesday nights, marking their debut in live coverage of the tournament. Additionally, BBC will air highlights, including a special Wednesday edition of Match of the Day, a return to broadcasting the Champions League since 1994.

This move is significant, especially for viewers relying on terrestrial TV, as BBC’s involvement brings the tournament back to a wider audience. Previously, BBC had a longstanding connection with the competition, dating back to the first European Cup final in 1956. After the 1994 final, however, ITV took over until the recent changes.

TNT Sports will retain exclusive rights to the Europa League and Europa Conference League, maintaining its position in the football broadcasting landscape. The new TV rights deal spans from 2024 to 2027, covering the first three seasons of the Champions League in its revamped format, which includes an expanded team count from 32 to 36 and a single-group ‘league’ stage. These developments mark a significant shift in how fans will experience and engage with European football in the coming years.

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