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UEFA has issued a firm request to the owners of Manchester City, setting a strict deadline as they await the hearing for Financial Fair Play (FFP) charges.

UEFA has put forward a clear directive to the owners of Manchester City Football Club, setting a strict deadline amid the anticipation of Financial Fair Play (FFP) charges. The governing body’s demand revolves around the ownership structure concerning Girona, a La Liga team under the umbrella of City’s ownership.


Girona forms part of the expansive City Football Group, overseen by Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi-based owners. This conglomerate encompasses various clubs globally, including the likes of Yokohama F Marinos in Japan, Melbourne City in Australia, and Troyes in France.


Currently, Manchester City has not faced any regulatory conflicts regarding their participation in European competitions due to none of their affiliated teams qualifying for the Champions League recently. However, Girona’s qualification for the upcoming Champions League season has brought this issue to the forefront.


UEFA’s regulations on multi-club ownership stipulate that clubs predominantly owned by the same entity cannot compete simultaneously in the same European competition. With Girona set for the Champions League and City potentially in contention, UEFA has mandated that City’s owners must comply with certain ownership adjustments.


The specific demand from UEFA entails reducing the ownership stake from 47% to below 30% in either Girona or Manchester City. Failure to meet this requirement would mean Girona being relegated to the Europa League for the upcoming season.


Alternatively, there’s a provision for City Football Group to transfer its shares into a ‘blind trust’ managed by a UEFA panel. However, this option is temporary and exceptional, as outlined in UEFA’s communication to clubs.


Girona’s success in La Liga, currently in second place under manager Michel, adds complexity to this situation, especially considering potential shifts in league standings depending on outcomes in Barcelona’s fixtures.

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