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Respected journalist debunks rumors, clarifies Man City’s 115 FFP charges ‘have been dropped’ amidst ongoing investigations”

A well-regarded journalist has addressed the ongoing speculation surrounding the financial charges against Manchester City Football Club. These rumors have been swirling regarding the fate of the charges City has been confronting.

The Premier League leveled 115 alleged breaches of its financial regulations against City following a lengthy four-year investigation last year. Subsequently, City was referred to an independent commission by the Premier League over these alleged rule violations spanning from 2009 to 2018.

Recent chatter suggests that the league might drop these charges against the treble-winning team. There have also been reports indicating that officials from Manchester United believe their rivals won’t face significant penalties. However, Mike Keegan, a journalist with the Daily Mail, has rebuffed such claims.

In a recent statement, Keegan dismissed the rumors, stating that Manchester City’s charges have not been dropped as speculated.

The spotlight on City’s case intensified after Everton and Nottingham Forest received point deductions for failing to adhere to the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR). Despite facing two sanctions, Everton managed to secure their place in the Premier League, while Forest is precariously perched just above the relegation zone.

Premier League’s CEO, Richard Masters, indicated that City’s case will soon reach a resolution. When questioned about the fairness of City potentially winning titles while these charges loom, Masters refrained from commenting on the specifics but assured that the case would conclude shortly.

City is accused of breaching rules mandating accurate financial reporting to reflect the club’s true financial status. Additionally, the Premier League has alleged that City did not cooperate fully with their investigation.

Throughout this ordeal, City has consistently denied the charges. Upon the announcement of these allegations in February 2023, the club released a statement expressing readiness for an independent commission to review the evidence in support of their position, with hopes for a definitive resolution.

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