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Manchester United’s manager Erik ten Hag recently discussed Rasmus Hojlund’s performance on the field.

Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, recently shared his thoughts on Rasmus Hojlund’s performance amid discussions about the player’s recent struggles. Hojlund, who returned from a muscular injury in March, has scored only one goal in ten games for the team.

Despite this, ten Hag expressed his belief that Hojlund has had an overall “very good season” at Manchester United. The 21-year-old Danish forward joined the club from Atalanta for a hefty £72 million in July. Although he initially struggled to find his footing, Hojlund’s fortunes changed when he scored five goals in four consecutive games, earning him the Player of the Month award for February.

Throughout the season, Hojlund has netted a total of 14 goals. However, his recent dry spell since returning from injury has raised concerns among fans and pundits alike.

Ten Hag defended Hojlund’s record, noting that the young player has faced three separate injuries this season. Despite these setbacks, Hojlund’s goal tally is commendable, especially for a player of his age and experience. Ten Hag emphasized that Manchester United’s decision to acquire Hojlund was not just for immediate impact but also for his long-term development. He acknowledged that every player experiences highs and lows and expressed confidence that Hojlund’s determination and character will see him through this challenging period.

Regarding Manchester United’s summer plans for their frontline, ten Hag addressed the absence of alternative striker Anthony Martial, who has been sidelined since December due to groin surgery. Martial’s injury history has been a concern, with him participating in only 28 out of 62 matches last season. Meanwhile, Marcus Rashford’s goal-scoring output has also dipped this season compared to the previous one.

Despite these challenges, ten Hag defended United’s transfer strategy, stating that adding Hojlund was a logical step given their resources and achievements in the previous season. He highlighted the team’s third-place finish in the league, appearances in two finals, and winning one final as indicators of their overall success and the rationale behind acquiring additional attacking talent.

In summary, Erik ten Hag remains optimistic about Rasmus Hojlund’s potential and contributions to Manchester United, emphasizing the young forward’s resilience and the club’s strategic approach to squad building.

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